About us

BFA Games is a mobile games developer of top-ranked games with team in Riga, Latvia. As a game developer, our constant challenge is to deliver phenomenal games to our dedicated users and to remain ahead of the curve in terms of technological innovation.

With a deep industry understanding and long term relationships with main industry players, we managed to maximize the performance of our games. Our goal is to provide fun and excitement to our millions of players, exposing our audience to a new level of gameplay!

Battle Lines - Puzzle Fighter

Aliens have invaded the Earth!
It is impossible to defeat them with bare hands. Scientists have invented a super-weapon - the punching gloves. Connect the crystal lines to charge your mighty gloves and knock out the enemies!

Hamsters: PVP Fight for Freedom

Ultimate PVP gaming experience with the unique auto-battle system!

Evil Aliens captured our Planet and turned all people into animals! But the brave Hamsters still keep up! Fight for the brave Hamsters, defeat Bosses, collect Super Weapons and destroy the Alien battleship!

Invincible MAFIA

The best counterpart to the card game "Mafia"

Install the app, go from novice to hardened Mafia Boss, become the winner in all battles and prove that your Mafia - Invincible!

Hungry Battle

Eat rivals in a nail-biting blob io fighting multiplayer battle arena!

In Hungry Battle, everyone is hungry, only 1 gets full. Join the immersive io battle with players from around the globe. Eat rivals, climb up to new Leagues and receive rewards! Develop your hero, participate in pvp battles, join the clan and complete achievements!